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Welcome to Dalton City, Illinois  61925.

125th Anniversary 1877 - 2002

A historic farming community in Moultrie County.
 1960 pop. = 386: 1990 pop. = 578; 2000 pop. = 581.

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Dalton City History

A village situated on the western boundary line of this township, was laid out by Thomas Dalton and James Roney, and surveyed and platted by W.G. Patterson, in the fall of 1871. The original plat contained twenty acres in sections 30 and 31, and was filed in the office of the county recorder, April 17th, 1872. The village was named in honor of Thomas Dalton. Joseph Miller's residence was on the village site when laid out, and the nest building after this was a one story frame house, moved here from Freeland's Point, in Marrowbone township, by W.E. Roney, in February, 1872. This was used as a store-house, in which Mr. Roney kept a general stock of goods. The building is still standing, and is occupied by E.C. Frazier. In the spring of 1872, W.D.C. McClure erected the first dwelling-house, and Thomas Dalton had commenced the building of his residence befor McClure had completed his. About the same time J.W. Crum, W.T. Cole, J.D. Cloud, Milton Faulkner, Harman Meitz, and others, were erecting residences. The first stores were erected by William T. Cole, W.D. Patterson, Wm. E. Roney, C. McCarthy, and the Monroe Brothers, all about the same time in the spring of 1872. Dr. McCombs was the first resident physician. The post-office was established in 1872, and James Eldridge was the first post-master. Wm. A. Webb and George Ferre have also had the office. A. Wilson erected a hotel in 1872, and W.D.C. McClure built the first blacksmith shop and did the first smithing. The school-house was erected in the spring of 1872, by directors Thomas Dalton, Wm. E. Roney and W.D.C. McClure, at a cost of $1200, including furniture. It is a neat frame structure about 20 X 40 feet, and one and a half stories high. Miss Alice Craig was the first teacher. There are two churches--Presbyterian and Christian, both erected about the same time in 1873. They are both frame buildings, surmounted with spires. The Presbyterian cost $3,200, and the Christian about $3,000. Rev. Clark Louden, who organized the Presbyterian church, was the earliest preacher.

The place was incorporated under the general state village law, September 15th, 1877, and the first trustees were--T.J. Freeland, President; A.S. Clark, Clerk; George Ferre, C. Long, E.C. Frazier, James Roney, W.L. Riber. J.A. Roney was made Treasurer; Joseph Bankson, P. Magistrate, and W.D.C. McClure, village constable. The board are--David Hamilton, President; Dr. James Abrams, James Ledbetter, T.E. Mayes, W.L. Ribner, J.W. Crum; George Ferre, Treasurer; A.S. Clark, Clerk; Joseph Bankson, P. Magistrate, and W.D.C. McClure, constable.

The secret society known as the Unexpected Knights of Honor, No. 1212, was chartered September 27th, 1878, with twenty-four members. The first officers were--W.A. Webb, P/D.' W.L. Riber, D.; W.L. Collier, V.D.; W.R. Rouse, A.D.; W.P. Jeffries, Rept.; J.H. Abrams, F.R.; Harmon Meitz, Treasurer; Present officers--J.H. Abrams, P.D.; T.E. Mayes, D.; I.C. Stocks, V.D.; W.F. Parker, A.D.; E.C. Frazier, Rept.' George Ferre, F. Reporter; Harmon Meitz, Treasurer. The present membership numbers nineteen, and the lodge is in good financial standing.

Edward Bresnan settled in 1858, on Section 2. He is a native of Ireland, and is yet residing in the township. Soon after his arrival quite an Irish settlement gathered around him; among the earlier of whom may be mentioned, Timothy Sammons, Daniel Tueth, John Kinney, Michael Cronon, James Nolan, John Hickey, and William Fogarty. The Catholic church, erected about 1864, is the only house of worship, excepting in the villages.  Sacred Heart Church Dalton City, IL   St. Isidore Bethany, IL

The village is well supplied with plank walks on all the principal streets, along which are planted numerous shade trees, that in time will add much to the beauty of the place. The business men are vigorous, active gentlemen, who will soon make Dalton city a place of no mean pretensions. The present business is represented in the following:

    General Stores--Geroge Ferre, F.M. Freyburger.
    Groceries and Queensware--C.C. Long, W.E. Roney, H.J. Deitz
    Hardware, Tinware, etc.--E.C. Frazier
    Drugs--E.W. Roney
    Harness Store--Harmon Meinica
    Butcher and Restaurant--John Ratcliff
    Blacksmith and Wagon Repair Shop--Owen Fallon
    Blacksmith Shops--W.L. Ribner, Eli Ham
    Wagon and Repair Shop--J.W. Drum
    Shoe Shop--Benj. P. Aubert
    Lumber Yard--S.D. Moore
    Hotel--J.C. Ledbetter
    Grain Merchant--S.C. Bartlett & Co.
    Physicians--C.P. Smith, James Abrams, J.M. Draper and C.H. Sanders
    Elevators--The elevator owned and operated by Freeland and Roney, was erected by them in the fall of 1876. It is constructed for handling corn, and has a capacity of 3,000 bushels. These parties shipped the first car-load of grain from this place in January, 1872. W.A. Webb, erected his elevator in the latter part of 1877, and has a capacity of 8,000 bushels.

    Source:  The History of Moultrie and Shelby Counties, Illinois
    Philadelphia, 1881   History of Moultrie County

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